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Get better business results. Fast.

With live predictive decision support service for founders, CEOs & investors.


Make better decisions using unconscious data and create much more effective growth strategies, new products/services and high-value M&A, VC and PE transactions.

Yotta Model draws information from yottabytes (2^80) of live unconscious data stored in consciousness fields - it sidesteps your cognitive filters, mental models, blind spots & biases to show you radically better and faster business solutions.


Founders, CEOs & investors get insights and better results in high-value situations: 

  • VC, PE, M&A strategies & execution, including dealflow, DD, growth & exits
  • creation & validation of new products & business models, CX/UX analytics
  • creation of effective sales, marketing & growth strategies
  • design and execution of new projects, new ventures
  • hiring of key executives, creation of new teams, advanced people analytics
  • turnarounds and any complex restructurings
  • team and company culture design and changes
  • and many other business use cases, as long as the client has ethical goals...

Daniel Marek, Yotta Modeller, Founder & CEO, Systemios.

PS: Yotta Model is my version of a radically innovative tool known as systemic constellations. I have verified its results over the last 7 years in my own businesses, as well as with my business clients. It creates effective, human and ethical strategies and insights that help founders, CEOs & investors succeed in the 21st century.

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