Get better business results. Fast.

With next-gen, live predictive cognitive tool for entrepreneurs, CEOs & investors.


Yotta Model is a radically innovative, predictive cognitive tool that creates new, effective growth strategies & business solutions in just 2-4 hours.

Yotta Model draws information from yottabytes (2^80) of LIVE UNCONSCIOUS DATA stored in consciousness fields - it sidesteps your cognitive filters, mental models, blind spots & biases to show you radically better AND faster business solutions.


Entrepreneurs, CEOs & investors get better results in high-value situations: 

  • VC, PE, M&A strategies & execution, including dealflow, DD, growth & exits
  • creation & validation of new products & business models, CX/UX analytics
  • creation of effective sales, marketing & growth strategies
  • design and execution of new projects, new ventures
  • hiring of key executives, creation of new teams, advanced people analytics
  • turnarounds and any complex restructurings
  • team and company culture design and changes
  • and many other business use cases, as long as the client has ethical goals...


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Daniel Marek, Yotta Modeller, Founder & CEO, Systemios.

PS: Yotta Model is my version of a radically innovative tool known as systemic constellations. I have verified its results in my own businesses, as well as with my business clients in the last 6 years, and now I'm ready to deliver it globally. It creates holistic, human and ethical strategies and insights which people, companies and communities need to cope well with the exponential changes of the 21st century.

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I personally prepare all info to make it useful and applicable quickly. I am an easy-going guy, entrepreneur, innovator, trainer/coach in the area of personal development, as well as a husband and dad. Feel free to contact me informally with questions & comments. I look forward to serving you well.

Cheers, Daniel

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