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Dry run, test and improve results for your high-value deals, strategies, products or ventures with private business constellations - no digital data needed

Business owners, CEOs & VC/PE/private investors - rapidly improve your results with Yotta Model, a beyond-AI analytics service based on private business constellations.

Daniel Marek

Yotta Modeller, Founder & CEO, Systemios

Hello and welcome,

Despite all the buzz about data, we have ZERO data about the future. All we have is historical data, own experience, assumptions, and qualified guesses and intuition about the future.

In non-repeatable, one-off situations, such as new strategies, VC/PE/M&A deals, new products and ventures, team/company transformations, we don't even have much relevant data about the past - because the situation is new. A new team, new products, new company, new investors, new customers, new technologies, new macro-environment. All we have is our educated guessing and intuition about how the situation can evolve, and how people and markets will behave in the future.

My mission is to help business owners,  CEOs and investors get better results in one-off situations with the help of a radically innovative business analytics, modelling and optimisation method.

Yotta Model works in real-time with conscious and unconscious information and individual and systemic behavioural patterns related to your situation. This information is available in morphic fields - no digital data & tools are needed!

If you choose to work on your highest-value challenge with me, my Yotta Modelling  service will identify blind spots and biaised assumptions in your strategies, deals, products & projects, and show you specific steps to design, de-risk & optimise them. 

If you want to join thousands of innovative business owners, investors & CEOs who have successfully used private business constellations in their business in Europe, contact me below to discuss your goals & challenges privately.


Challenges Yotta Model solves

As B2B decision makers - business owners, VC/PE/angel investors, corporate executives - we often have to make high-value decisions for which we lack relevant digital or analog data

We know we face known and unknown risks, but we lack the data, or time or budgets needed to gather the data and analyse the situation with standard business tools in more depth.

As a result, many new ventures, equity investments, products, deals, IT projects, company or team transformations fail, or do not generate the target returns.

Yotta Model significantly improves quality, speed and profitability of such high-value decisions by ethically providing missing information - real-time insights on your unknown unknowns, based on subconscious/unconscious human patterns influencing behaviours of people in your companies, teams, investments, as well as customers.

Yotta Model benefits

Test or create your strategies and find new, more effective solutions before you make decisions or take action: 

  • validate your key assumptions in real time against real-life data from morphic fields 
  • get answers to your critical questions for which you lack digital or analogue data
  • discover your unknown unknowns - blind spots, biased mental models, hidden conflicts & more - and find effective ways to solve them or minimise their impacts before you take action
  • find new, functional solutions when you see no possible solutions - even in crises, conflicts or turnarounds
  • dry-run and optimise your decisions or strategies in a safe, private and anonymised Yotta Model space.

Yotta Model is a radically different, next-generation service based on live modelling of conscious and sub/unconscious data available in morphic fields about your particular situation. No digital data is needed!

How Yotta Model works



- Describe your highest-value challenge, goals and information you need to find, test or validate.

- Give me background information on your situation - the scope depends on your goals and company size.

- No digital data is needed.



- Participate as an observer in a 3-5 hour live, private modelling session we set up on an agreed date. 

- I create a live model of your situation - either alone (for maximum privacy), or with 15-20 of our trained representatives who obtain and express information and insights of which you are not aware currently.

- Your information is anonymised and, if we work with the representatives, they do not have access to your information. 

- No one from your company is needed - the modelling can be confidential within your company, as well.

- You can participate in person, or we can set up an individual remote online session.

- As you watch the modellling you find new steps to design, de-risk, optimise or otherwise improve your strategies, deals, products, ventures, transformations or any other situation you choose to model.

- The modelling is interactive - you can ask us questions at all times.



- You can use the information obtained from the model in your decisions and actions immediately.

- I remain available to answer your follow-up questions, as needed.

When to use Yotta Model

  • VC, PE, M&A deals - deal generation, investor sourcing, due diligence, value creation strategies, exit planning & execution, raising capital from investors & LPs
  • design & validation of new products & business modelsCX/UX analytics
  • market/customer research, creation of effective sales, marketing & growth strategies
  • design and execution of new projects, ventures, platforms & ecosystems
  • hiring of key executives, creation of new teamsadvanced people analytics
  • mergers, post-acquisition integrations, complex turnarounds/workouts/restructurings
  • team and company culture design, changes and transformations
  • how indivdual patterns of team or company leaders impact team and company performance, and how to identify and transform own subconscious/unconscious patterns
  • and other one-off, high-value situations and decisions.

What makes Yotta Model effective in complex situations

Based on client's goals and specific situation, I build a live model of your situation - taking into account both conscious and sub/unconscious informatio from morphic fields.

The model shows you, in real-time:

1) how your own subconscious/unconscious patterns*, as well as patterns  of other people within the team, company, project, deal, customers & ecosystems impact your strategies and results, and 

2) how you can change them or adjust your strategy to take them into account before you take action.

Cognitive science estimates >95% of our actions are driven by sub/unconscious patterns**. Yotta Model shows you these hidden patterns ethically so that you understand their impacts and adjust your decisions and execution strategies before you commit your team and money. This allows you to optimise your decisions and get better results - faster and at lower cost.

Daniel Marek, Yotta Modeller

*  Human sub/unconscious patterns include mental models, beliefs, values, attitudes, needs, emotions, cognitive & decision-making patterns, and more.

** Source: Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman.


Yotta Model is based on my 29-year business experience, my cognitive talents, and a 15-year intensive work with systemic constellations both with individuals and in private companies.

Our team has served our valued clients together for almost 8 years. The team includes:

Daniel Marek - Founder & CEO, responsible for most aspects of the business and for Yotta Modelling of complex business situations. Robotics engineer by education, entrepreneur and innovator with 27-year exprience in private equity, M&A, turnarounds and business development situations. I have been providing my private business constellations for over 7 years, and I personally work with all clients.

Miroslava Drgonova - serial entrepreneur, owner of a leading specialised staffing agency, responsible for sourcing, management and administration of our part-time team of modelling representatives.

Over 120 trained part-time team members (external) who serve as modelling representatives in group Yotta Modelling sessions (cca 15-20 reps take part in a 3-4 hour modelling session).

Case studies, service details, testimonials & more information coming soon.


Foto Daniel Marek

Contact Daniel to arrange a private call where we can discuss how we can help you solve your situation and achieve your goals with Yotta Model:

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